Koalas face a lot of threats. Destruction of habitat is the greatest threat to the koala in south-east Queensland.

It is for this reason that WPSQ Bayside, which incorporates the Koala Preservation Society of Queensland (KPSQ), monitors development in the Bayside area and lobbies government in an endeavour to have the needs of koalas and other wildlife considered in development planning.

Hundreds of koalas and other wildlife are killed on roads in south-east Queensland every year. The peak times seem to be from August to December when male koalas begin moving about more frequently looking to breed and maintain their territories. Also, the young are being dispersed and seeking to establish a territory for themselves.

There is arguably no legislation that effectively and/or consistently protects koala habitat anywhere within Australia, not necessarily because the legislation does not exist, but because there is not always the political will to adequately resource, implement, police and enforce such legislation.

There are four states where koalas occur in the wild - Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia - and each state has its own legislation.

The Federal Government passes responsibility for protection of koala habitat to the states. The states often pass principal responsibility to local government. Local government is where most day to day decisions are made about what happens to koala habitat but where there is often the least amount of resources and expertise in wildlife management or habitat assessment.

It is important to note that the koala’s status as ‘Common’ in a particular area does not necessarily mean that koalas are indeed common in that area. If the koala is to be conserved, legislation must be strengthened for the protection of habitat throughout its range. Following are the current official state government listings for the koala, the Federal Government’s current position and the IUCN and other international listings.

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