The first thing one must do is be prepared for a hurricane. One shouldn't wait for the last minute. This is especially true in Hurricane prone areas such as the deep South. On the other hand, other parts of the US can get hurricanes too. They've been experienced as far North as New England. Though FL, MS, TX, and LA are most likely to be hit. One of the worst in terms of fatalities was in El Paso TX, 1900. One of the worst in damages and lives was of course Katrina 2005. This occured 08/29/05.

One thing to do to prepare is to make absolutely certain you have with you enough water for washing and enough for drinking. This goes for food, nonperishables, such as canned goods prepared. A basic first aid kit, a radio that runs on batteries for weather reports and further instructions once you're evacuated. I suggest some paperback books, magazines for something to do away from home. A flashlight with enough batteries would be helpful too. Anything else you can carry with you and you need. Please note I wrote need, not want. Only you can decide what you truly need. Need is defined by Oxford American Dictionary is a necessity, in so many words an essential. So ask yourself what you can live without and what you can't. Ask yourself which would you rather lose -- your life or items of sentimental value. I realize things of sentiment may be difficult to let go of. However, this is one time a decision could be literally a question of surviving or not. In other words when you're ordered to evacuate, just grab what you need and the heck with whatever in your house or apartment or your house or apartment for that matter. Your life, safety is your first priority.

People with special needs such as physically disabled, especially in wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes may need special help. Persons who are blind and/or deaf would probably special assistance too. Persons with developmental disorders and/or psychiatric diagnosis may need extra help depending on the severity of their conditions. Pets, particularly dogs and cats should be dealt with too.

Even if you've weathered many hurricanes before and were fine, each one is different. There's no way to predict how this one will be. Bottom line: If you're ordered to evacuate you do so. You obey orders. The reason for evacuation is to get you to higher ground, safety. You either drive, or carpool. Traffic will of course be heavy but you do the best you can to be patient. When you get to the destination you wait for instructions and do them as best you can.

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