Many of us take shelter for granted while there are many faces who struggle
every day to find a place they might one day call "Home". The more people that
learn of the reasons behind men, women and children becoming "Homeless",
the less that will have to endure its senseless hardship.

U.S. Statistics

*600,000 men, women and children are Homeless
*Poverty is not always the cause behind losing one's home as an accident, a medical crisis, and a lost paycheck can all translate into not having a place to call home next week
*Up to 40% of the homeless are employed and working
*Children who are homeless are one of the fastest growing segments of the general homeless population as for every four homeless persons, one of them will be a child.
*Up to 31% of homeless persons were over the age of 45 and this percentage is growing

How Can You Help?

Click on the link below and each click will help the Homeless:

House the Homeless

Here are some online sites with more information:

National Coalition for the Homeless"

Volunteers of America

54 Ways You Can Help the Homeless

Steps Up

Here are some adoptables to help spread the awareness of Homelessness:

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