The Heart Of A Business That Transcends Into Society? Values

As the owner or leader of the company, you must be aware that your business reflects what you are, and the way you live your life. A corporation is governed by guidelines and limits, recognizes what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable and what is not, in the pursuit of its sales and profitability objectives.

What better than, once and for all, determine the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will give meaning and meaning to my business?

The Reason For Your Business? Mission

The mission of your business is an existential definition, that is, it is valid for you today, tomorrow and in the future. It is the standard thread of the action of business. It does not matter if the years have passed and there have been changes in the business, my underlying purpose; my mission is still the final destination of my business trip.

Over time, business lines are added or removed, new target markets are added, and several aspects of the business are redefined, but my fundamental definition remains and gives meaning and direction to my business.…

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The Exact Map Of The Success You Want To Build?

Once you have defined why your business exists, it is necessary to determine precisely how we want our business to be seen within a specified period of years (5 or 10 years). This will allow us to focus our effort better and define goals, projects and action programs monthly / weekly and daily, to make that vision a reality to reach success in the business. It must be shared with all enthusiasm by the owner of the business or by the manager with his employees of all levels, and become the engine of work and the source of energy and inspiration for all.

The final objective of this stage of strategic definitions is to move our people towards the future, to awaken a feeling of participation and belonging to them.

When the destination and the desired future of our organization have not been defined, the intermediate objectives and goals are incoherent and disconnected from each other, it is difficult to establish priorities, and even day-to-day work becomes disorganized and without sufficient guidance.

What Exactly Do You Intend To Achieve To Achieve Success In Business? Goals And Follow-Up

Well-defined goals are a tool of their realization, and ill-defined goals are a tool of their failure.

The goals must be SMART:

Specific: clear and without place to interpretations

Measurable: that its compliance can be monitored and there is an agreement on how it is going to be done

Achievable: otherwise only generate frustration and indifference

Results-oriented: all those responsible for making the goal a reality must know and understand why the goal is necessary, how it impacts on results to achieve success in business

With fixed time: although it is not an urgent activity, let’s always set dates, and commit ourselves to them.

And, of course, goals are useless without intense, systematic and tireless monitoring that generates energy, commitment, and responsibility in your team, which are essential for the expected success to become a reality.

What actions will you take in your business and your life, in this sense?…

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